Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach

Corry has always made ​​dolls. The first she can remember was made of paper with drawn and clipped clothes. She made dolls from old clothes as well.
From the 60's Corry developed her own methods and techniques to make dolls. Dolls that were often portraits of children she encountered or saw in photos.

The dolls are made of natural materials such as wool, cork, cotton and leather. The dolls are fully dressed with all kind of clothes, underwear, jackets, hats and even the leather shoes, all hand made.

Photos: Piet Mobach

1974 Orphans from Gouda

Corry made ​​these dolls for an exhibition in 1974 in the former local orphanage. She used a picture of the orphans which is on the plaque at the entrance of the orphanage.

1975 Exhibition at 'De Schuur' in Pijnacker
1976 Exhibition at Gallery 't Weeshuis in Gouda

Exhibition in the former orphanage of Gouda.

1975 Girl with flowers
1977 Girl with doll
1977 Blondie

1974 Girl in pyjamas with bear
1973 Erik with orange coat
1978 Self-portrait Corry
1978 Doll made for friend Hen
1978 Doll with long coat and boots
1979 Corry working on her dolls
1984 Photo from book 'Poppen in beeld', Cantecleer
2001 Exhibition 'Toys'

Dolls at the exhibition by Rokus and Corry in Museum Gouda,
40 years of toy designing and toy collecting.
Photo: Ron van Blokland