Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach

1965 Design Blockland
Text of Corry and Rokus from the exhibition catalogue "Childsplay" in the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam;
Toys should have the simplicity of the natural material, but with a certain orientation. Everything that is not relevant, may be omitted. Toys are developing material.
Always the requirement remains: the possibility exists to assert their creativity.
Toys must be a reason to play.

The designer of toys should the children provide material to play. With toys that are worthy of the name in full;
good to play with.

1965 Design Blockland

1965 Rokus with Blockland
1965 Kinderspel, Childs' Play

Catalogue exhibition 'Kinderspel'at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
The photo shows the Mobilo building system.

1965 Blockland, Basic elements
Blocks moving
2012 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Wooden toy block wagon 'Blockland' at the exhibition 'Product Design in the Netherlands after the Second World War' in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

2012 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Description exhibition