Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach
Change of space by light pressure on parts of the entity.

Rokus van Blokland worked regularly at the Sio toy factory in Vroomshoop. There he had his own workshop, along with the modeller whose craftsmanship was of great help. Here Rokus could experiment and it was in this freedom he could work on ideas and experiments, not only the design of toys but of these objects as well.

According to Rokus van Blokland there are a few possibilities to create form: by moving, removing or adding quantities.
In this series of objects he describes form as change by pressure. Pressure is exerted on a pile of blocks on one block per level which changes the shape of both the block and the object. Initially, there is little pressure on only one block. In later objects the pressure exerts on all blocks.

Change of space by light pressure

White outside and black inside. Change of space reveals black inside.

Change of space by light pressure, with rotation

Orange outside with dark squares move through transformation.

Change of space by more pressure

Black squares on the outside displace.

Change of space by more pressure

The displaced blocks stand on a same volume of non-displaced blocks.

Displacement of space

Dark inside revealed by displacement of blocks.

Displacement of space

1969 Rokus
Displacement of parts in one direction

Size: 14 x 14 x 84 cm